I am a graduate student in Computer Science at Arizona State University and studied Mathematics at Colby College.


ASCS Laboratory (2021) – Graduate Researcher [Applied Cryptography]

Outdoorly (2020) – Software Engineer [Frontend: React; TypeScript; GraphQL]

Epic Systems (2019-2020) – Technical Solutions Engineer [MyChart]

Colby College (2017-2019) – Undergraduate Teaching Assistant [Real Analysis; Abstract Algebra; Linear Algebra]

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Arizona State University (2021-2022) – MS in Computer Science with Distinction

Colby College (2015-2019) – BA in Mathematics with Honors


Basis Reduction in Lattice Cryptography [PDF] (2019) – Undergraduate honors thesis at Colby College – We develop an understanding of lattices and their use in cryptography. We examine how basis reduction algorithms, particularly the LLL Algorithm, can reduce lattice bases to yield solutions to the Shortest Vector Problem and the Closest Vector Problem.


Blog (2018 - Present) – Personal writings on computing, math, and literature

Monday Moves (2020) – Weekly newsletter on tech and business


T Cell Epitope Prediction (2022) – Deep learning models using neural networks varying convolutional and linear layers, ReLU and sigmoidal activation functions, and hyperparameters such as dropout rate in order to predict whether sequences of T cell receptors and epitopes bind in a biological binary classification context. [Python; PyTorch; NumPy; SciPy; Scikit-learn]

Secret Santa [Live] [Source] [Blog] (2022) – Web application that generates Secret Santa assignments using answer set programming and cloud computing. [Clingo; Python; NodeJS; ExpressJS; Amazon Web Services: S3, SQS, Lambda; Docker]

AES [Source] (2021) – Command-line implementation of the cipher and inverse cipher specified in the Advanced Encryption Standard with modes of operation, secure coding, and side channel defenses. [C++, Python]

HDocs [Source] (2018) – Collaborative rich-text editing desktop application for users to create, view, edit, and share their documents. [React; NodeJS; Material UI; Socket.IO; MongoDB]

Pretty Good Analysis [Source] (2018) – Statistical analysis desktop application capable of 3D visualization and equipped with a robust user interface and machine learning tools such as principal component analysis, linear regression, Naive-Bayes classification, K-nearest neighbors classification, and K-means clustering. [Python; NumPy; SciPy; Tkinter]

Elgamal Elliptic [Source] (2017) – Command-line implementation of the Elgamal public-key cryptosystem using elliptic curves with 2048-bit primes that are congruent to 3 modulo 4. [Python]

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Cryptography; Software Security; Machine Learning; Bioinformatics; Group Theory; Measure Theory; Game Theory; Sanskrit; Linguistics; History; Literature; Cricket; Weightlifting; Progressive House; Western Classical; Indian Classical; Progressive Metal; Jazz